Data Science
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Logical Glue is a user-friendly software platform for building and deploying predictive models. It lets businesses use data to automate decision making and increase profitability.

Use data to make better decisions

Businesses know their data is valuable, but using data science to unlock that value can be difficult. Our software brings data science out of the lab and makes intelligent, automated prediction available to every business. For example, for lending decisions and insurance claims.

Build highly accurate predictive models

We use the best techniques in statistics and computational intelligence to create the most accurate predictive models, while making them easy to apply for data scientists and domain experts alike.

Understand which data is predictive

We will show you exactly how useful your data is with a ranked list of features to understand what data you should care about the most, and which data you should spend less time and money on in future.

Simple deployment and integration

The models you build are hosted in the cloud and ready to use straight away, without any complex deployment process. The Logical Glue API allows easy integration into tools and workflows, such as an underwriting process.

Transparent and easy-to-understand decisions

We are the only platform to use Type-II Fuzzy Logic, which generates human-readable rules that give a clear understanding of transactions and customers, and the reasoning behind predictions.

Case Study: Leading credit referencing agency

Call Credit tested our models against their own modeling approaches, using the same data, to analyze hundreds of thousands of prime credit card customers, where the defaults were low, in the 1.5% range. There were also hundreds of potential features from their rich data sources.

This is a classically difficult prediction problem for a model to solve - to increase the ability to spot defaulting customers in such a small minority class usually means that the model will reject many more good customers in its efforts to minimize default. Not so with Logical Glue.

Logical Glue VS CallCredit. Coefficient: Logcal Glue = 43.36, CallCredit = 30.80

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